These special occasion glasses should be admired and treated as special as they are. To make your Class … Collect. LAV Martini Glasses 6-Piece, 6 Oz Martini Cocktail Glass Set Perfect for Cosmopolitan and Elegant Cocktails, Clear Bar Glasses Set Classic Chic Design for Home Parties and Celebrations. Or get your initials on both glasses for a special treat to yourself sure to last a lifetime. Set of 12 Quantity − + Only 20 items in stock! Cosmopolitan Martini by admin06. So, let’s go through the very best martini glasses that are currently available and find the perfect ones for you…. Enjoy! Libbey Cosmopolitan/Martini Glass Set features a classic shape that is perfect for serving your favourite drink recipe or creative appetizers and desserts! Dragon is changing the drinking game and topping our best martini glasses list by making people care about what they drink from. While a martini glass is a classic, timeless staple, these glasses are perfect for a more modern cosmopolitan cocktail with the exact right presentation. cocktail glass! Protect your drinks from the warm grip of your hands with a double wall. With an 8.25 oz capacity, you can widen the range of drinks you can serve and streamline the look of your home bar. Tritan is a durable plastic-like material that acts like glass and looks like glass to the naked eye. FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the continental U.S. Be the bar that stands out, with these unique martini glasses that you can also enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey out of. The classic stemless shape is perfect for creative cosmos, decorative appetizers and delectable desserts alike. Long but strong stems, these glasses stand at 7.5 inches and are guaranteed to add a little whimsy to any occasion. We teach, You Learn. Easy to spill and even easier to drink too many, martinis are made with both gin and vodka, and a dirty martini is when you add some olive brine along with the olives you’re using for garnish. Then start prepping your classic cocktail. Martini Glass $ 24.95. How to Make a Cosmopolitan. $29.98 Save. Great gift for hosts, wedding registries and housewarmings, Lead-free Securely packaged in shipping box; always wash prior to use as orders fulfilled by Libbey are shipped directly from manufacturer's warehouse, Durable and dishwasher safe for quick, easy cleanup; to help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions. The cosmopolitan is usually served in a large cocktail glass, also called a martini glass. $12.99 + shipping . For the price of filling your gas tank, you can have a set that will last you from your first place to your dream home. Measure 4 ounces vodka. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission.". These Waterford Martini glasses are the perfect set for a special occasion. This six-piece set features 8.5 oz stemless martini glasses with a contemporary design. It features a flared, extra thick base for a modern look, while providing added stability. Not only do they look super cute, but they’re also comfortable to hold. For this reason, the drink is sometimes mistakenly categorized as a type of martini . With a heavy cinched base instead of a stem, they feel more like rocks glasses in your hand. Each cup holds 9 oz of liquid for a drink to keep you floating around without having to run back and forth to the drink cart. Makes … This modern set of classic martini glasses are made from glass and not crystal. This four-piece set is unbreakable, shatterproof, and reusable. While you should always treat your bar set with care, you can pop these glistening glasses right into the dishwasher. ... pouring everything into a "good martini glass," where good is apparently just another word for enormous. This set of four 8 oz glasses can be used for any cocktail from martini to a margarita. Like our previous Afina glasses from JoyJolt, the Libbey Cosmopolitan glasses feature a stemless cinched base. Transform your kitchen into a classy Manhattan cantina and your finger food into an eye-popping, finger-licking, photo-clicking masterpiece with these cute, classy cosmo glasses. This set of four has a heavy circular base that will keep your customers from elbowing too many drinks over. Step two. Select options. Collect. From highballs to snifters, it can all get a bit confusing, but one classic cocktail glass that stands out and can’t be mistaken, is the Martini glass. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. It reached its height of popularity in the 1990s, when the HBO show “Sex and the City” was at its peak. Martini Glass WC773019. Gift them to yourself or your friends or complete your bar set with these, one of a kind gems. Each glass stands at 5 7/8” and holds almost a full 5 oz of drink, just enough to warrant three glasses without guilt. A chic glass for a chic drink and they’re hard to miss, any amateur could identify them. And because martinis should always be served chilled, these cups are lined with a freezer gel to keep your drinks cold for every sip. However, if you’re not looking for elegance, there is a martini glass out there just for convenience. Step three. Nouveau Artisian Handcrafted Set Of 4 Martini Cosmopolitan Glasses Pebble design. And save time during rush hour by tossing, not literally, these glasses into the dishwasher. Two cosmopolitan cocktails in a triangular glass. Put a little spin on how you serve drinks, whether from home or behind the bar this set of the best JoyJolt martini glasses will help break the ice and not break the bank. Pour the cosmopolitan mixture into the cocktail shaker until it’s 3/4 full and shake for 30 seconds. Then, you realize that a glass isn’t just a glass, and there are proper bartenders out there that would cringe if you used the wrong glass for a certain cocktail. Fill them with wine or your best vodka martini and relax. No matter how you prefer your martini; dry, with olives, or cocktail onions, why not step up the game with an elegant glass for an elegant drink. Top 8 Best Martini Glasses On The Market 2021 Reviews. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. Out of all of the quality martini glasses on our list, and we loved the variety, we decided to narrow it down to just one set to call the best. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite drink with a smile on your face with these flirty and fun martini glasses from Mikasa. Perfect for martinis, cosmos, or margarita, these glasses look and feel elegant, but are as sturdy and strong as a Moscow mule mug. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail Drink How to make a good Cosmopolitan. This Gardena 8 oz. Like. After measuring, pour each ingredient in the shaker. Perfect for serving your favorite cosmo recipe - or creative appetizers and desserts! Measure 1 ounce orange liqueur. Martini glass prices. This set of four BPA- free glasses are shatterproof, perfect for the butterfingered bartenders out there or girls who just want to have, lots of fun. I first started drinking Cosmopolitan Martinis back in the 1990s, when they became famous thanks to the HBO TV series Sex in the City.They are so pretty – a pale pink cloud inside a sophisticated stemmed martini glass. 3 JoyJolt 4-Piece Afina Cocktail Glasses – Best Affordable Martini Glasses. So, make sure to hand wash only and don’t drop them to avoid that heart-shattering sound of glass all over your kitchen floor. From first anniversaries to fiftieth celebrations, this set of high quality martini glasses are sure to add shine to your special days. Add vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. The martini glass in this 4 pieces drinking glass set is casual yet elegant with their cinched design. This set of four glasses are super affordable and put a modern twist on a classic glass. Each glass features a flat bottom and a stemless design. These sturdy glasses are sure to keep your drinks and furniture safe when cocktail hour turns into dance party night at your place. Start by getting your martini glass frosty in the freezer! Step one. These affordable cups keep your drinks consistently chilled, just how all cocktails should be enjoyed. Made from Tritan, read that again, not Titan. This is sturdy and strong enough for cosmopolitan cocktail bar glasses, or in areas where breakage of cocktail/martini glass is a concern. TOP 10 Best Martini Glasses to Buy in 2020:If you are reading this, then you already know about Martini Glasses is a great product for you, your family or any other person whom you are planning to buy.Don’t worry about price if you are looking for a Martini Glasses for any person or your home, office or personal use then also we have covered all kind of Martini Glasses. Red cockatil with ice and mint. Serve your signature cosmopolitan cocktails with this Libbey 400 cosmopolitan 8.25 oz. Preparing a good cosmopolitan is as easy as : The cosmopolitan cocktail drink is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The history behind the martini is murky at best and the traditional tall-stemmed V-shaped martini glass is one of the most recognizable glasses on the bar. This set of grooved glasses are the perfect housewarming gift for newlyweds looking to build their collection. For the more elegant drinkers, these glasses put a contemporary spin on a modern drink glass. It doesn’t break like glass. 2 Riedel VINUM Martini Glasses – Best Value for the Money Martini Glasses. Keep all of your drinks cold with these inverted cone shaped cups. The six-piece martini set from Bormioli is sure to complete your home bar set. For about as much as a monthly car payment, you can get this sparkling set of 9 oz glasses for the happy couple in your life. Get a measuring glass and two martini glasses. Okay, so we said we would show you martini glasses, but how about glasses that are for more than just a martini? Take the Libbey Cosmopolitan glasses; they look like a martini glass but can be used for so much more. They’re also wonderful for food presentation; imagine your dinner party guests’ surprise and delight when you bring out a gourmet strawberry shortcake trifle or classic New York cheesecake perfectly presented in these stemless martini glasses. Set of 3 Martini Cocktail Glasses Thick Triangle Blue Stemmed Accent Barware . & FREE Shipping. Color should be a dark pink to red, depending on taste. Cosmopolitan Martini pictured with (left) Derby Day Mint Julep and (right) Perfect Sidecar Cocktail.Photo by Laurie Smith. Inexpensive: Low-priced martini glasses for $5 to $10 may be made of plastic or glass, though glass martini glasses in this range are usually sold individually.If you are looking for a large set of plastic martini glasses for a party, this is a good range to consider. 4.4 out of 5 stars 58. Fortunately for the Clumsy Carly’s out there, someone designed stemware just for you like these Unbreakable Martini Glasses from D’Eco. $22.62 + $21.11 shipping . For the perfect home bar, you’re going to need more than just a great set of martini glasses. © 2020 Chef's Resource - Ask The Experts LLC. This is sturdy and strong enough for cosmopolitan cocktail bar glasses, or in areas where breakage of cocktail/martini glass is a concern. These etched glasses are sure to add a fun flair to any bar, whether at work or at home. So, sip your worries away with the SnowFox, keep cool cocktail cups, and for an extra frosty drink, store your cups in the freezer. This set of two double-wall insulated cups features a cooling gel that freezes, keeping your drinks colder for longer. Golden Hill Studio Tuscan Sunset Cosmopolitan 8.25 oz. Each glass holds 7 oz of alcohol and keeps your drink cooler longer. You place the glasses in the freezer for a couple hours and there is a solution inside that freezes to keep your cocktails cool while drinking. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. If movie night is always at your house, then you will definitely need this four-piece set of Afina cocktail glasses from JoyJolt. Martini Glasses. A classic cocktail glass, made even more popular by James Bond’s famous quote 'shaken not stirred', the Martini glass is also commonly called a 'cocktail glass'. All you need to make this Classic Cosmopolitan is the few basic ingredients, jigger, a cocktail shaker and some martini glasses. oxanadenezhkina. Martini Glass is a modern take on a classic glass. Ok, maybe you don’t always have to use them for martinis, this set can double as a wine chiller for girl’s gossip time by the poolside. Trying to recreate your favorite bar at home can be overwhelming, from stocking all of the liquor and mixers you need to the shakers and strainers. Details & FREE Returns. | Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Party Glasses, Set of 12: Martini Glasses: Martini Glasses. Pack Size Set of 4. Each glass comes with a unique design etched into the glass, from polka dots to spirals you won’t need to play “whose drink is this?” anymore. Return this item for free. The cosmopolitan martini recipe is the most requested Swank Drink of 2005. Notes: If you have time, it’s nice to freeze the martini glasses. The conical design showcases the appealing colors of your cocktails, while the tapered sides draw the aromas and flavors to the top. Top 8 Best Martini Glasses On The Market 2021 Reviews, 1 Waterford Lismore Diamond Martini Glasses – Best Premium Martini Glasses, 2 Riedel VINUM Martini Glasses – Best Value for the Money Martini Glasses, 3 JoyJolt 4-Piece Afina Cocktail Glasses – Best Affordable Martini Glasses, 4 Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses – Most Versatile Martini Glasses, 5 Unbreakable Martini Glasses – Best Unbreakable Martini Glasses, 6 HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Cooling Cups – Best Chilled Martini Glasses, 7 Snowfox Stainless Steel Cocktail, Margarita and Martini Glasses – Best Party Martini Glasses, 8 Bormioli Rocco YPSILON Cocktail Glasses – Best Martini Glasses Set, 9 Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses – Best Stylish Martini Glasses, 10 Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass – Best Tall Martini Glasses, Waterford Lismore Diamond Martini Glasses –, HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Cooling Cups, Snowfox Stainless Steel Cocktail, Margarita and Martini Glasses, Best Cast Iron Teapots In 2021 – Top 7 Rated Reviews, Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review, The 10 Best Drinking Glasses Of 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Nespresso Capsules In 2021 Reviews, Best Ninja Coffee Makers In 2021 – Top Picks Reviews, Top 8 Best Canned Refried Beans Of 2021 Reviews, Best Anchovies In 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide. You may also like. However, make sure to handle with care as this is a delicate pair. Gather the ingredients – vodka, orange liqueur, ruby red grapefruit juice. It made its debut during the second season and became a series regular after that. Martini Glass WC773019 Golden Hill Studio This item will enhance any decor. Cosmopolitan or martini with a glass of fine scotch Free Photo A year ago. (If you don’t own a cocktail shaker, a very clean travel mug with a lid and spout does the job perfectly!) And each cup is stemless and features a cinched base, perfect for fitting into the pool floatie cup holder. Details. The answer is no, and the best part is that not all of them are outrageously expensive either. With a one-inch thick base, these sturdy glasses can hold up to your heavy-handed pours and heavy-handed friends who get excited after one too many. Shake all four ingredients together in cool unique martini glasses! Read more here. Set of 4 Weighted Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses - 8 Oz Lowball Cocktail Mancave. We went with a contemporary cup with a modern design that is full of functionality. The use of citrus flavored vodka as the basis for this cocktail appears to have been widely popularized in the mid 1990s by Dale DeGroff [16] and is used in the IBA approved recipe. Add to cart. 7. With an affordable price tag, you can stock up and even use them for all of your drinks, although, that might get confusing. $27.99. The classic stemless shape is perfect for creative cosmos, decorative appetizers and delectable desserts alike. Take chilled martini glass (if you have them,it is not necessary and twist lime into bottom of it, squeezing in the lime juice and put twist in glass. Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, 8.25-Ounce Regular price $26.99 Save $-26.99 / Shipping calculated at checkout. 1 Waterford Lismore Diamond Martini Glasses – Best Premium Martini Glasses. As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. Rex Mug $ 17.00 ... $ 27.00. So, check out our reviews of the Best Shot Glasses, the Best Whiskey Glasses, the Best Champagne Flutes, the Best Beer Glasses, the Best Drinking Glasses, and the Best Moscow Mule Mugs. It has a heavy base with elegant stemless construction that ensures stability. Pour contents of shaker into glass. Carre Square 8 oz. item 2 Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Set of 4, Clear, 8.25 Fluid Ounces, 2.4 Pounds 1 - Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Set of 4, Clear, 8.25 Fluid Ounces, 2.4 Pounds $24.60 Free shipping The sleekest set yet, Dragon Glassware gives us two double-wall insulated stemless cocktail glasses. Golden Hill Studio Tuscan Sunset Cosmopolitan 8.25 oz. It has a heavy base with elegant stemless construction that ensures stability. For those looking for a more practical set of glasses, the Riedel VINUM Martini glasses are next on our list. The pink-hued, Martini-style drink was a favorite of the characters on the show. Good news for bars that see a lot of breakages, this set can stand up to rowdier crowds and are dishwasher safe. I found these Martini Freeze Cooling Glasses from Host on Amazon and they are a pretty neat find. is part of ChefsResource and is controlled by Ask The Experts LLC. With an 8.8 oz capacity, you can make more than just martinis in these durable glasses. The martini glass in this 4 pieces drinking glass set is casual yet elegant with their cinched design. Add … Like. This set of two machine-made glasses are made from fine crystal and come in a classic martini inverted cone design. This set of four martini glasses is the perfect gift for your girlfriends or for yourself. The perfect gift makers are these Mikasa Cheers Martini Glasses. Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, 8.25-Ounce. Coming in a wide variety of colors, you can customize your bar setup with these fun cocktail cups. Each glass holds 10 oz of your favorite martini, or if you’re just feeling fun, you can drink whatever out of these cute glasses. With an option for custom engraving, you can have the happy couples’ initials etched on them for a his and her’s starter set. You love the Cosmopolitan Martini recipe and want to know how to make it. fox_777. Pour the mixture into the martini glasses and serve immediately. Odie Mug $ 17.00 – $ 20.00. If you’re a fan of laying in the pool with a cold drink in your hand, this set of insulated cooling martini cups from HOST are guaranteed to cool you down your summer. Details. Our most fun set yet, the SnowFox Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses, can be used for more than just martinis. Okay, so they’re not glasses but cups; whatever we call them, they’re cute and serve any of your favorite drinks ice cold. Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Set of 4 Transform your kitchen into a classy Manhattan cantina and your finger food into an eye-popping, finger-licking, photo-clicking masterpiece with these cute, classy cosmo glasses. Just make sure to put them in the freezer for at least two hours prior to happy hour for maximum effectiveness. We know that professional bartenders could cringe at what comes next, but these glasses are perfect for more than a martini. Each cup holds 8 oz of your favorite cocktail, and even better, they are unbreakable. All Rights Reserved. Did we also mention affordable? Martini Glasses (Set of 4) The JoyJolt Carre Martini glass is unique, The JoyJolt Carre Martini glass is unique, square, handmade, and has a strong heavy base with an architectural design that will make a lasting impression. the Barefoot Contessa shared a special recipe for her "favorite cosmopolitan." Now that you’ve gotten past that mouthful of adjectives, this set of stemless martini glasses is sure to catch the eye with its contemporary design. Therefore, the… HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Cooling Cups …are our shining stars today. The legendary Cosmopolitan is a simple cocktail with a big history. This set of Diamond Martini glasses aren’t made from actual diamonds, but you almost couldn’t tell. Select options. in Martini Recipes, Uncategorized. The biggest set yet of the best glasses for martini is the Bormioli Rocco cocktail glasses. Details. 1. Martini News & Recipes. There is a soft silicone ring to keep your hands safe and from warming up your drink too fast. The best part? The gold is very rich and the black accents make it perfect for any occasion. This type of stemmed glass usually holds between 5 and 10oz. Plus, you’ll look cool while drinking from these cocktail glasses. With a modest price tag, you can stock your entire bar or gift this set to all of your Vermouth loving friends. These fine crystal glasses will shine in your china cabinet, or cupboards because, come on, sometimes a martini set is actually the nicest thing you own. This affordable set of cosmopolitan glasses are perfect for showing off your drink mixing skills to your friends or adding that certain something that your bar was missing. Whether you’re looking to build a home bar or just feel like being fancy and having a proper martini, hey you can even throw your pinky up, this set is sure to do the trick. Step four. These Martini Glasses are perfect for your favorite martini recipe as well as layered liqueurs and mixed cocktails of any kind. So, take away the ice cubes that water your drinks down and enjoy a crisp martini from the bar, poolside, or out on the lake with the HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Cooling Cups. Set of 12 Drinks of World Clear/Transparent Caipirinha Pina Colada Cosmopolitan Glasses … Made in a martini glass and comprised of Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry, it’s also incredibly easy to make. And what makes these the best value martini glasses is their price! If you’re not in the mood for martinis, serve up any of your favorite cocktails in these versatile glasses. Save. "We hope you love the products we recommend! Shake until well chilled.