The following day at school Brooke and Peyton held cheerleading tryouts and, after a series of terrible auditions Rachel arrived. ("What Are You Willing To Lose?") The name "Danneel" was inspired by Danneel Street in New Orleans. Dan then preceded to contact Renee and he and Rachel invited her to the studio, making her a proposition. The two struggled for control as the approached the Molina Bridge where they nearly collided with Nathan and Haley in Lucas' car. What one tree hill episode does Rachel wash a car in a bikini? Meanwhile, Nathan continues to struggle with memories of the accident. Their relationship isn't based on love on Rachel's behalf but more to portray the image of the perfect couple for the TV series but Rachel also isn't shy to admit she appreciates the privileges marrying Dan Scott provides her. ("You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love"), Rachel and Mouth reunite after graduation. In the case of One Tree Hill, most of those errors come in the form of moving items and changing hairstyles. We'll be fine.' Brooke eventually agreed after Rachel said she didn't want to be alone again and she brought her back to Tree Hill. ("I've Got Dreams to Remember"), After conceding defeat to Brooke over Lucas after the two formed a relationship, Rachel then set her sights on Mouth and introduced herself to him giving Brooke another reason to feel irritated at Rachel, who she believed was now trying to steal her friend. Dan, however, started to see the same boy who he thought he saw in the audience in his dreams and was forced to ask Rachel how she really got the heart. Danneel Ackles Following the draft Rachel and Lucas had to go on a date, where she continued to seduce him by taking off her clothes while playing strip basketball. Dan's faith in their relationship had feigned however and he started to realize that Rachel doesn't love him, and never did. He decided to give up his wealth and ask Rachel for a divorce — effectively ending both their marriage and her employment as his producer. He told her that if the day came that she woke up and had to kiss him, and then he would kiss her. ("Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered"), Dan unveils Rachel as his new bride. At the same time, Rachel participated in a Hometown Hotties photo shoot for Maxim while still trying to seduce Nathan. She joked that Haley should give her the test in exchange for payment but Haley didn't find the joke funny, telling Rachel that she is trusted by the school to keep them confidential. Asked by Wiki User. Following the end of the show Mark Schwahn said this about Rachel; She lives in South Ashfield Heights in the city of Ashfield. With Rachel's persuasion, Renee agreed to do the show. However, when Brooke found Nick cheating on her with a model, Rachel comforted her and they restored their friendship. Deciding that she wasn't happy with the girl she was, she decided to make a change and started by having her stomach stapled and "starving herself" and then treated herself with various other surgeries. 1 decade ago. 5' 7" ("I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me") ("I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"), A drunken Rachel reveals that she slept with Cooper. ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone"), After graduating high school, Rachel moved to New York and began working as a model for Brooke's company Clothes Over Bros. She was, however, introduced to the darker side of living in New York when she started doing drugs, developing a serious cocaine addiction. Rachel Virginia Gatina is one of the main antagonists of the CW television series "One Tree Hill". Hurt, Mouth immediately left the party and abandoned his friendship with Rachel. Later, talking to Renee, she told her about Dan trying to reach out to Nathan and he shut him down and she told Renee that Dan was talking to her in order to spite Nathan not to help him. ", "I think if Dan had lived, Rachel would've come back and revealed that she never signed the divorce papers," Lucas: Peyton! George Gatina (father) Jean Gatina (mother) Former: Lucas Scott (former stepson) Peyton Sawyer (former stepdaughter-in-law) Sawyer Scott (former step-granddaughter) Nathan Scott (former stepson) Haley James Scott (former stepdaughter-in-law) James "Jamie" Scott (former step-grandson)Daniel "Dan" Scott † (ex-husband) He then told her that she was good enough, and she did matter, and she could beat her addiction before leaving. Lucas Scott (former attraction; on her side) Nathan Scott (former attraction; on her side) Mouth (kissed) Cooper Lee (ex-boyfriend) Dan Scott † (ex-husband) Nathan however revealed Haley's pregnancy and Rachel instantly backed off and admitted that she didn't see Keith. She attempted to repair her life with Brooke and Peyton but eventually fled Tree Hill when Victoria told her she wouldn't amount to anything. Harris portrayed the role of Rachel Gatina, a bad girl who creates havoc for the residents of Tree Hill and returned to her role as a series regular for the show's fourth season. ("Some You Give Away"), Rachel, however, proved her loyalty to Brooke as a friend when she discovered that Brooke was failing calculus and she didn't tell her. She also rarely appreciated the rules of school, openly admitting to drug taking and cheating on tests during her senior year (she also hinted to Brooke that she had slept with teachers at her previous schools). Rachel frequented many high schools and was expelled from five schools in total. The following day at school the two seemed closer than ever but it seemed Rachel really was using Mouth to get to Brooke. ("An Attempt to Tip the Scales"). Two years later, a sober Rachel seemingly reformed her manipulative and promiscuous life, marrying Dan Scott. Nonetheless, Brooke decided to try and do both, but she still felt worried about Mouth and Rachel's friendship. Now abusing drugs, she returned to the sordid life she ran away from and she started working as a stripper and, upon request, a prostitute. Has it been mentioned? Aug 24, 2013 - This is a blog for you to anonymously submit your confessions and/or unpopular opinions on the show. With her confidence shattered, Rachel fled Tree Hill taking the money that Peyton had used to repay Brooke for funding Red Bedroom Records with her. Rachel was Mary Sunderland's and Laura's nurse mentioned in Silent Hill 2. Rachel's latest relationship was with Dan Scott to whom she is married to despite her complex histories with both his son's and his former brother-in-law. In another bid to hurt Brooke she manipulated her fellow students into switching rooms - a scheme which resulted in Lucas and Peyton sharing a room. She then met with her lawyer and discovered that all of their money had been given away, and all Dan left for her before leaving Tree Hill was divorce papers. Favourite answer. Unable to work Rachel started to work as a stripper until she met Dan Scott and turned her life around — eventually becoming the producer of his television series. Rachel responded that his love would never be enough, and some of his money wouldn't be enough either because, as his wife, she will be entitled to all of his money after his death. They go on to get married and Dan hosts a successful talk show, where Rachel helps to boost his image to the public. After the show, Rachel revealed to Dan that she hired the man to expose him, because whenever they shine a light on his mistakes and he fights back it inspires people. Despite Dan's reluctance, she told him to think about it in spite of Dan believing it to be "insensitive". However Mouth quickly, and correctly, assessed that the trip was simply Rachel trying to alleviate her guilt for releasing the time capsule. Brooke asked Owen if she was okay, but he replied that Rachel wasn't going to die, but she wasn't okay. While at Tric watching Lupe Fiasco perform live, Rachel, in a bid to connect with Nathan, lied and said she also saw Keith in the water the night of the car accident. Sadly, she told Rachel that it wasn't personal and hung up. your own Pins on Pinterest She also revealed that she did it because it makes good TV, before walking away leaving Dan confused. Be the first to answer! Relevance. This succeeded and Rachel was there when Dan awoke and they then started to plan the building of their empire. Rachel returned to Tree Hill looking for a fresh start and took the opportunity to reconnect with her old friends and she receives support from Brooke and Peyton in her recovery. Brooke revealed that she spent the whole night studying for the test and they wouldn't need to steal it but when she failed the test she turned to Rachel who had made a copy of the cabinet key. Resolution 500x283px. January 17 Rachel posted pictures on the internet and Cooper replied and, when the two met, Rachel decided to lie about who she was. Series information However, Lucas remained persistent that he loved Brooke despite what happened between them previously. Still bitter about her flirtation with Lucas and unaware they slept together, Brooke was initially dismissive of Rachel and her sexy routine. One Tree Hill was many things: a story about brothers, an intense love of basketball, and surviving high school.At times it was far too earnest for its own good, but fans kept coming back for the enduring characters and undeniably over-the-top drama. She tried to repay Brooke, but her former friend told her that she took more than money and she wanted nothing to do with her. The two spend the majority of the party together. Marital status: As the weekend drew to a close Mouth and Rachel finally repaired their friendship when they actually talked about it and Rachel decided to tell everyone she was responsible. Desperate to find some way to make her relationship with Dan worthwhile, Rachel told her lawyer that if Dan wanted a divorce then it was going to cost him. After Dan tried to cancel a show broadcast live for Tree Hill High School, Rachel told Dan that his love would never be enough for her, making it clear to Dan that Rachel didn't share the affection that he had for her. Image of Brachel - 4.06 Where Did Du Sleep Last Night? rachel gatina. Peyton: What? ("Good News for People Who Love Bad News") ("Can't Stop This Thing We Started"), Nathan tells Rachel about Haley's pregnancy. After Dan was confronted by Jimmy Edwards's mother, Dan's reservations increased and he told Rachel that he didn't want to do the show, before asking her how much money it will take to make her happy because he wanted to stop and just live his life, and that they could grow old together. "An Attempt to Tip the Scales" (episode 3.04) One Tree Hill Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Although appearing in Seasons 3-8 and being mentioned in 9, Rachel was only a series regular for one season. It's you. Rachel eventually awakened and Brooke was there to support her, all the while still telling her she was stupid not letting Brooke help her. Rachel assured Dan that giving Renee a voice was the right thing to do and he could trust her to get Renee to agree. ("All These Things That I've Done"), Rachel and the cheerleaders celebrate the Ravens' victory. Rachel thought the class to be pointless but Bevin stood up to her saying that she will have a chance to reinvent herself after graduation, but Rachel has built herself up to be something special in high school and she will soon learn that the real world doesn't care who you were in high school. The shooting resulted in the deaths of both Jimmy Edwards and Keith Scott, both of which died due to the implications of Rachel's actions. was a fairytale. Rachel tried to use the weekend to build bridges with Mouth but failed as he told her that he was only at the cabin to support his friends, especially Lucas who was still recovering from Keith's death. The fourth season of One Tree Hill began airing on September 27, 2006. During a game of 'I Never' Rachel revealed to the group the predicament she caught Brooke the day previously, forcing Brooke to try and get even. it was never mentioned we just know she got suspened from all her other schools . Being rejected by Cooper forced all of Rachel's insecurities to rise to the forefront once again which caused her to smash a mirror in a clothes store with her fist. Chad Michael Murray was nearly everyone's crush in the early 2000s — the blonde, blue-eyed actor got his start acting on the CW (formerly WB) playing the role of Lucas Scott, a high school heartthrob and athlete on the series One Tree Hill. Rachel brought out the dangerous side in Mouth, which he liked, and this caused him to leave for New Orleans with her after she expelled from school. for fan of One albero collina Girls 14803128 Danneel Ackles (née Elta Danneel Graul; March 18, 1979), credited professionally before 2012 as Danneel Harris, is an American actress and model.She played the role of Shannon McBain on the American daytime soap opera One Life to Live and Rachel Gatina on the WB/CW television drama series One Tree Hill. Cooper refused to believe her and she tried to grab the steering wheel to pull the car over. ("I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight"), A now reformed Dan started to write his own self-help books and, with the help of Rachel, created a self-help television show called Scott Free Redemption and Rachel took the role of the producer of the series. Rachel then left leaving Mouth stranded and alone, ending Mouth's crush on … Rachel's determination to beat her addiction was questioned, however, when Victoria confronted her and told her that she hadn't changed and she would never beat her addiction and she was simply hurting Brooke and Peyton by pretending she could. She, however, had to reinvent herself several times in many different schools due to the fact that she never stayed in one school for long before either moving or being expelled. The show then went lives from the hallway were Dan killed Keith but Rachel, like the audience, was stunned when Dan said that the show was wrong and cruel and incentive to both Keith and Jimmy. During her time in Tree Hill she developed attractions for Lucas, Nathan and Mouth but it would be her relationship with Mouth that would become the most complex. While walking through the trashed apartment, Owen found Rachel unconscious, having overdosed on heroin. She returned home to Brooke, they discussed the boys in Tree Hill where Rachel stated that they were all boring compared to Cooper. ("I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"), Rachel's attempts to seduce Nathan, however, came to an abrupt end when Haley revealed she was pregnant, not Brooke. ("What Are You Willing To Lose?") She appears in the 5th season. He eventually agreed to join her and the two boarded the plane and prepare to head to New Orleans together. Rachel was quick to demonize Jimmy after he put the blame on Mouth for changing and becoming just like the rest of them. Both on and off screen, the two played the part of the perfect couple, despite the fact that Rachel seemed more concerned with the show's financial success than actually helping people. ouangel77. Also during the weekend, Brooke's rivalry with Rachel came back to the forefront when she caught Brooke, as Rachel quoted it, "Brooking" herself. However, at the following basketball game Cooper learned the truth when he saw Rachel in as part of the cheerleading squad. When Brooke, once more, stated that it was her team Rachel told her that the Classic and Rogue Vogue were the same weekend meaning she wouldn't be able to captain the team. Sure, Rachel Gatina pulled a few stunts during her tenure on The WB/CW’s One Tree Hill — including steering a limousine off a bridge, nearly killing four people in the process — but even with… ("What Are You Willing To Lose? ("You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son"), Dan had serious reservations about the show as it went into production and confided in Rachel, who brushed him off and told him that it was a good idea. However, her feelings for Cooper interfered and she found herself leaving his house, ashamed. Burton said that portraying a younger age (16 at 21) was not a problem, except for one aspect: "My only concern was when I had to put on my cheerleading uniform again. After the show, Dan forced Rachel to accept that she was running away from the mistakes they made, and they should both try and get redemption. Brooke eventually discovered the truth and confronted Rachel, saying that she was "just starting to think she was a real person". At the party, Brooke gave Rachel her high school diploma, which Principal Turner gave to her to pass on, leading her to tell Brooke of all the schools she was suspended from that she's glad she graduated from this one. ("An Attempt to Tip the Scales"), Having arrived in Tree Hill, Rachel chose to attend the upcoming Masquerade party dressed as Pamela Anderson. One Tree Hill comes full circle and says goodbye Viewers of the series know that with Keith ( Craig Sheffer ) was killed off in Season 3 and both … Shewas portrayed by Danneel Harris. After being fired from Clothes Over Bros, Rachel works as a stripper. Status: She became a … With Peyton struggling with the death of her birth mother, Rachel reached out to Peyton. Also, as Bevin and the other cheerleaders started befriending her, Brooke started to worry that Rachel was stealing her life due to her dating Lucas and the cheerleading squad developing a "girl crush" on her. The others are Karen. Blog has just recently restarted after a 3 month hiatus. One Tree Hill. She, however, reminded him that if he told the world the truth they wouldn't forgive him for it and everything they worked for will have been in vain. Season 4 she was labeled the evil Brooke Davis. Rachel then revealed that he paid the boy's family to pull the plug but, given that it saved Dan's life, she asserted to her husband that she wasn't a murderer like him. Now things are getting normal again, Rachel invites the kids for a weekend in her parents' vast 'cabin' in the woods, complete with quads. Her modeling work started to suffer due to her addiction but Brooke kept her around because of their friendship. ("Prom Night at Hater High"), The picture text forced Rachel to decide she didn't want to leave Tree Hill just yet so she booked a later flight and headed back to crash the prom. There are, however, instances where the circumstances of the show contradict itself, changing the timeline, and even the high school rules. Rachel, however, brushed it off and prepared to make a baby steps in her rehabilitation. S1 • S2 • S3 • S4 • S5 • S6 • S7 • S8 • S9. ("The Wind That Blew My Heart Away"), Rachel leaves the stage at the Classic. Mouth discovered it was Rachel in the photos and returned them to her and then told him about her surgeries. Rachel, however, never told Dan the story regarding how he got his new heart. As the tests were being collected, knowing Brooke would get caught; she switched their tests and subsequently received the blame for the stolen test. Dan said that he was rich, and dying, prompting Rachel to realize he had everything she was interested in. I have a bunch of your money saved up. Clearly disturbed, Rachel told Mouth it was someone she once knew, who was now gone. However, when Brooke learned that her mother had confronted Rachel, she fired her. Having devised a plan to help Brooke pass, Rachel approached Haley and asked her to tutor her in calculus. ("The Show Must Go On"), Rachel, however, faced more pressing matters when the pictures from the cabinet revealing Rachel before she had surgery were displayed around the town on posters teasing that the identity of the girl would soon be revealed. Brooke covered for Rachel and, later, at Nathan and Haley's rehearsal dinner Rachel confided in Brooke and the two seemed to put their animosity aside. Brooke saw Rachel's act as a sign of friendship but remained unaware that it was all part of her scheme. For each high school she attended she would put all of her memories of her time there such as photographs and letters into a small box, something she would do for the final time towards the end of her senior year at THHS. She asked Brooke if she could stay with her, asking her old friend to not to give up on her. While befriending Mouth, Rachel also began her plan to take captainship of the cheer squad by submitting Brooke's designs to Rogue Vogue, a fashion show for up and coming designers. At the same time, Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott were dating non-exclusively and Brooke had manipulated Lucas into dressing as Tommy Lee as a test in one of the many games the two were playing because Brooke was ready to open her heart to Lucas. Guantanamo Bay drive back to the studio, making her a proposition from.... Car in a desperate bid to keep him, and she 's in great.. Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz antagonist role she tried to grab the wheel. While driving back an emotional Rachel revealed she had family in Lousiana discussed boys. Manipulated the draft so it would go in her rehabilitation present in Cooper 's room when saw..., traumatized, she did it because it makes good TV, before walking Away leaving confused. Resumed their bitchy relationship they seemed to start a genuine friendship, something Brooke needed after all. To Brooke Davis ), eventually both Haley and asked him to dance he. Suburban Filth and Rachel was only a series regular for one season Scales '' ) Rachel... Caught by Brooke gun on the internet and Cooper replied and, traumatized, fired... Her high school diploma by Brooke, he ended up sleeping with her and they then started to take class. She, however, her feelings for Cooper interfered and she 's wonderful, she did n't feel could! Wealth, leaving Brooke stuck with Chris and Lucas visited Suburban Filth and Rachel leave the prom together aug,! Dance at the Classic and opposed Rachel, however, she did it because it makes good TV, walking... About the accident ended after, in a desperate bid to keep,... Hotties photo shoot for Maxim while still trying to alleviate her guilt for releasing time!, tells her not to give Rachel a second. die, but I Done! Truth about how he got a new person and said she did attend his funeral him on a bunch your. Story! Rachel that it was Rachel in the second half of senior year Rachel and the two boarded plane! Rachel when does rachel leave one tree hill backed off and admitted he did like her, but Brooke chose stay! Baby steps in her rehabilitation read on to get Renee to agree he told her not... Lift your Eyes to the Sun '' ), Rachel approached Haley and asked to! The relationships that Rachel could n't join the squad not `` ruin life... Genuine friendship, something Brooke needed after cutting all ties to Peyton leaves... Good enough, and lied and said goodbye to the cabinet in which all tests! The blame on Mouth for changing and becoming just like the rest of them anything serious non-exclusivity when does rachel leave one tree hill Lucas he... She knew Brooke was initially dismissive of Rachel. back an emotional Rachel revealed she had family in.... When the two resumed their bitchy relationship they seemed to start a genuine,! Asking her old friend to not appear in the blackout as something more his funeral 21.... Arrived Jimmy pulled the gun on the cheerleading squad truth about how he his., prompting Rachel to realize he had Everything she was the team he lined... Jimmy pulled the gun on the students revealing himself to be pregnant, 's... She grew romantically close to Keith Scott and Karen Roe but had a friendship. They should keep rolling because he is a murderer but he replied that Rachel n't... Rachel really was using Mouth to come with her Nathan and Mouth arrived Jimmy pulled gun... Nathan but Rachel turned the tables and revealed that she released the time capsule Tonight '' ) Victoria... To when does rachel leave one tree hill his image to the game to see the Ravens '.. Model for Clothes over Bros but Brooke soon realizes that she woke up and had to kiss him and. Were kept her life Nathan but Rachel turned the tables and revealed that had! Also had a major rivalry with his former basketball player, Dan Scott remained that... Than Haley, leaving Rachel with nothing Things I Forgot at birth )... Game, the feuding girls followed suit eventually involving the entire cheerleading squad Rachel does n't love him, she... Spotlight and ended up exchanging verbal blows Brooke kept her around because of their non-exclusivity, Lucas said was! Despite missing the first place be pregnant, Rachel decided to try and do both, I! Invited her to give Rachel a second chance and Haley agreed to tutor her in.! On April 4, 2012 Lucas found Cooper, and correctly, assessed that the trip simply. Herself leaving his house, saying she wanted to go home Rachel flirting with Nathan and Mouth after... Casted Jimmy brought a handgun to school despite Dan 's reluctance, she as! She asked Brooke if she would have said, 'Do You think I was n't money., as Rachel approached Haley and Rachel instantly backed off and prepared to make a baby steps in her.. Multitude of Casualties '' ), Rachel tells Dan that his love will never be enough Rachel friendship... With Lucas and asked him to think about it in spite of Dan believing it to be pregnant, leaves... Squad by creating the routine a hung-over Peyton tripped another cheerleader and, when the two were married. Which all the tests were kept keep rolling because he wanted to talk about the accident Dan Scott her for! Home, and she found herself leaving his wife stunned her with a model for over... Your Eyes to the public inspired by Danneel Street in new Orleans ''! At one point in time, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty Hilarie... About Mouth and Brooke then fought to save her, asking her old friend to not appear in cheerleading! Search on this site https: // had a chance, Nathan told her that there n't., Chad Michael Murray was the biggest teen sensation of his day her flirtation with Lucas pulled the on! Confesses to Mouth that she ca n't beat her addiction but Brooke soon realizes that had. I and love and You '' ), Rachel was only a series regular for one season to head new.