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At the end of The Reckoning, Mikael was revealed to be a vampire who hunted vampires. Mikael began by instructing Elena to dagger him temporarily so Stefan wouldn't technically be lying when he told Klaus that Mikael tried to kill Elena, forcing her to dagger him to protect herself. Mikael then reminded him of how his mother's affair led to Klaus' existence and Mikael's secret shame. Alaric becomes a vampire hunter and targets the Originals. Something that will change Naia and Alaric’s lives forever. Klaus also killed Mikael as a way to acquire more Viking ash to make more weapons against Dahlia. Mikael moved on to his true target, Klaus, after a century of hunting the Trinity, who were using his children's identities. Fighting against the greatest foes that the universe has to offer, his job in … A more recent testament to his strength has been shown where he single-handledly slaughtered Werewolves wearing Moonlight rings and once again, overpowered his son, Elijah. Mikael and Elijah sees Klaus turn into a Hybrid. Hayley quickly becomes afraid because she thinks she is dead and starts worrying about the baby, Mikael tells her that the child never had a chance, and tells her of how her bloodline is filth enough and she made it worse by merging it with Klaus'. Despite sharing similar views on vampires, Finn views Mikael as a monster. 135. Once the spell was cast on Mikael and his children, the vampire species was officially created. When Davina is attacked at Rousseau's by a group a of Moonlight ring wearing werewolves sent by Cassie, she uses her bracelet to summon Mikael from the attic. Klaus called his bluff, so Mikael proved he was serious by stabbing "Elena" in the back with a knife. Klaus then staked Mikael for a second and final time, executing his step-father without a fight. Whereas before his death, Mikael was fairly patient, calculating and amiable to vampires such as Damon. Michael joked that the handful of people whose names "are at the top of the call sheet" are probably safe, but Julie insisted that even Elena Gilbert could die on "Vampire Diaries." Mikael was revived by his long lost daughter Freya, reuniting a delighted Mikael with the child he thought he had lost. She then flees with Mikael. After Ayana refused to help them, citing the fact that the Spirits and Nature itself would not stand for such an imbalance, Mikael begged his wife Esther to do something using her powers as a witch. To compare, Elijah was rendered unconscious after two bites from two werewolves, while Mikael sustained more injuries from a horde and managed to kill them all. Davina resurrects Mikael using powerful cursed objects Father Kieran had stored away. "Bonnie has been so empowered by Elena, so her first task as Elena's friend is to make sure Damon doesn't go off the rails," Dries says. Freya took the opportunity to request that Finn allow her to take a few minutes with their father, and Finn tried to sway her against this, telling her that their father was no longer the man she remembered from when she was five years old. Occupation Unfortunately, their presence was ultimately discovered by the werewolves, who were unable to control themselves and ended up mauling Henrik to death. It was implied that he may have a certain tolerance for Werewolf venom, since he deliberately fed on vampires infected with that very venom shortly after Davina revived him. He also was never shown talking about Freya. In Le Grand Guignol, multiple references to Mikael were made. ... Alaric It's got to be only ... (Michael Malarkey) officially in town, he'll have a big decision to make. ... And will Michael Malarkey become a series regular? Mikael meets with his son and asks him to help him kill his bastard brother. Unknown to Mikael, Esther's sister Dahlia put a spell on her so she could have children but there would be sacrifices. © 2021 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Later at the boarding house, Mikael showed Damon the white oak stake he had carved prior to burning the ancient tree down, which is the only weapon that could permanently kill an Original. Despite this, Alaric is one of the few people who understand Damon the most and isn't afraid to stand up to him. Mikael has overpowered three of his children in a fight, while facing all three simultaneously, a feat no other being has ever managed to accomplish. He calls Klaus a scourge, a walking symbol of weakness. We also know that his unique diet effected his ability to gain sustenance from Human blood, as he states to Davina that Human blood does little to sustain him anymore. Klaus was briefly neutralized but didn't burst into flames like Originals are supposed to do when stabbed with white oak. Her goal was that Alaric would become the ultimate vampire hunter like her husband Mikael before him, and would rid the world of the "plague" she believed she caused. Mikael and Klaus have a complicated and antagonistic relationship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Esther prepared the spell, Mikael tied Klaus up in chains, demanding that Elijah help him when he stood nearby and looked guilty. Upon seeing Klaus' first transformation as a true hybrid, Mikael stated, "He's a beast. Ansel and his family[1]Half a village of Werewolves[1]Finn Mikaelson (as a witch)[2]Elijah Mikaelson (as a witch)[2]Niklaus Mikaelson (as a werewolf)[2]Kol Mikaelson (as a witch)[2]Rebekah Mikaelson (as a witch)[2]Lana[3]Many victims in New Orleans[3]Diego[4]Many of Marcel's Army[4]Many werewolves with Moonlight Rings[5][6]Jerick (werewolf)[7]Dahlia's acolytes (along with Klaus)[8]Numerous The Strix members[9] 1 Description 2 Limitations 3 Origin 4 Similar Abilities Alaric can decieve his targets mind, in which they feel the same; physically and mentally, but their actual strength becomes 'irrationalized', unknown to them. Mikael and Klaus first worked together against Dahlia to save their daughters. He then vanished. Alaric Dragonov is a former noble, and a vampire who has a deep hatred for both humans and werewolves, calling them vermin and lowly dogs. Not even once - not to his wife or children, (although the loss of his first born child was understandable, this did not excuse his behavior for what he did to Klaus and his other children). However, when Mikael cut Klaus' starling necklace (which was meant to weaken him to prevent him from triggering his werewolf curse), Klaus became so enraged that he attacked Mikael, Mikael was so furious that Klaus had gained the upper hand, that he impaled Klaus' shoulder with his sword and pinned him to a tree in his blind rage. Mikael has a reunion with his children at Klaus' home. Alaric Thain’s History of the 21st Century recounts the events of the pivotal 21st century in a way that can be understood by people of the 29th century, who live in what might considered a progressive utopia. So he's not going to recover easily and he'll explore his grief in some very unconventional ways involving a lot of booze and some secret desires that involve psychics and witches and trying to contact the dead. At the mansion, Mikael found himself surrounded by Klaus' hybrids, who were acting as bodyguards around the perimeter of the house. In Dance Back from the Grave, Mikael is mentioned by Rebekah after Papa Tunde dies at Klaus's hands. Elijah told Klaus as they fled that they together could not fight him, as he was to strong, a testament to his strength over his Original Vampire children. All the while, the audience was laughing hysterically, as Mikael had compelled them all to view the show as a comedy. Mikael then had the stage-hands open the curtains to the stage, revealing that he had killed Klaus' werewolf lover, Lana, as well as many of his friends, in addition to tying up Marcel next to them in a grotesque display. Alaric Saltzman is Damon's best friend and former drinking buddy. He once beat Niklaus half to death as a boy because he was so sure that Niklaus had taken his blades, unaware that it was actually Rebekah who had taken them. Mikael mocked Klaus when he referred to Mikael as "Father," and told him that his werewolf father would be embarrassed to have him as a son, just like he was before he knew the truth about his parentage. Mikael has a deep hatred of Klaus, caused by the latter killing Henrik, then later murdering Mikael's wife and turning his family against him, (disregarding the fact that Henrik's death was an accident, that he was indirectly responsible for Esther's death when he convinced her to suppress Klaus' werewolf nature, and that his children were already against him for constantly physically abusing Klaus until, he was an adult; as well as the fact that he physically abuse his biological children if any of them tried to stop him from physically abusing Klaus), however, Mikael didn't always hate Klaus, as when he was born he was overjoyed and loved him, he even named him, however, as Klaus grew up, he acted differently to his siblings and Mikael began to see him as weak and thus he acted negative towards him, Mikael tends to degrade his worth and often referred to Klaus as "boy" rather than his given name. He then uses his vampire speed to quickly go over to Hayley and instantly puts her in a headlock, Mikael welcomes her to his "hell", as he is stuck in an eternity of watching over Klaus. He eventually convinced her to resurrect him by offering to help her kill Klaus. In They All Asked For You, after having his connection to Mikael severed by his siblings, Finn expressed his intentions to his long lost sister Freya Mikaelson to return to the tomb where Mikael was being kept, so that he could once again begin channeling their father to regain the powers he was forced to relinquish. Born Elena: You did. However, Mikael later says this was simply just to "rile" Stefan up so that he could push past Klaus' compulsion, something Mikael says was a loophole. Light Brown/Blond They stumbled upon a Halloween party of unsuspecting civilians. Better yet, enjoy life.” – Charlena E. Jackson. He then wondered aloud how Klaus was able to remain alive due to his impulsive and foolish behavior. "We're [filming] episode 5 already and the dark, sexy Damon, to be honest, isn't quite here." But we'll be rooting for him to come out the other side OK.", Enzo With the woman who turned Enzo (Michael Malarkey) officially in town, he'll have a big decision to make. Stefan hesitated for a long moment, but he did eventually find a way around Klaus' compulsion by telling Mikael that he could lure Klaus back to town. (Full Disclosure: is owned by CBS, one of The CW's parent companies. Even Elijah and Kol still harbor negative feelings towards their father. A plague hit Europe, and Esther claimed it killed Freya while Mikael was in battle; in reality, Freya was taken as the payment of a magical bargain Esther made with her sister Dahlia, to cure her of her infertility. Species Mikael named his Viking sword Rathul, after the early morning sun. "It brings out this inner cattiness we haven't seen in Caroline for a while, ever since maybe Rebekah was on the show," King says. Turned 10th Century (Kingdom of Norway; Age Unknown/1060+) Mikael's ghost then appear in a room with Davina and explaining the spell in Esther's grimoire that can resurrect him. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! An abomination!" He is also noted to be one of two people in history that have ever made Klaus genuinely fear for his life, the other being Mikael's wife, and Klaus' mother; Esther. Oh and don't bet on love any time soon. Freya proceeded to revive her father with a spell and a drop of her blood. Mikael seems to genuinely regret the consequences of having brought the Vampire race into existence, which is what motivated him into feeding exclusively upon other Vampires instead. Kiss the Ground is an optimistic look at how we can save the planet. You have to loosen up and live life. Vampires, witches, and werewolves, oh my! According to Michael Narducci, Mikael is stronger than his children because of his human strength and vampire blood is merely a preference of his.
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